Saturday, January 24, 2009

pushing our creative limits

Over the last few days I have been asked by several performers what my vision was for their part. And really I didn't write the actual script... Nisan and Ayse did.

I created the show concept.

I made a list of characters w/ Ayse, going through many of my myth, folklore & faerie books.

I wanted something that would explore some of my thoughts and feelings about the sacred feminine. About going into the darkness, the cave, confronting our dark sides, asking the question why is it dark and is the dark really bad or is it just misunderstood?

For some of our lovely dancers being a character that they perceive as unflattering through our societies' patriarchal view point is the first place to go...but I'm asking them to go beyond the place where there character may have been revered.

here are some edited communications I've had with people...

"We are practitioners of the art of belly dance, an ancient feminine art form right? So whether we realize it or not this is already challenging conventional thinking and modern ideology. I wish all of these women were required to read the Red Tent before dancing in the show!!! OR maybe that will be our next production...
There is so much of interest here, Persephone, Alice, Zulu all going into the dark places, exploring what our dark sides are, the feminine side, how they have been demonized, how shine a light onto our being and look at those places inside of us to come back stronger.
Do I make too much of it? That was my vision of the project, even though I keep it personal.."

"BUT I ask you to think outside the box...
There was a time when the world was more balanced, female beings were more revered. Then midwives and healers came to be thought of as witches and symbols of feminine power became misunderstood and purposely demonized to promote a new ideology. Maybe that is where you need to take this character...back before the patriarchal perceptions and use it as an opportunity to explore your divine creative feminine power...

This is the fun part! Trying to take a character and make it real right? This is the creative work! I'm not exactly the character I intended to be and I find it challenging and fun to try and be someone who is so small she can only have one feeling at a time!
Talking this through is part of the process!"

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