Friday, January 23, 2009

Breast Treatment Task Force

So with all the hullabaloo, I can't believe I forgot to say the most important thing about the Mythical Creatures-LA show! It is a fundraiser!!!!

For The Breast Treatment Task Force...
I was so thrilled by the response from most of the performers, it really adds dimension to what we are all doing. It's not just about us wanting to be in a show and having cool lights and people watch us.

This organization actually helps individual women who are unable to pay for their medical treatments, including in many cases transportation, living expenses. It is a way for us to help an actual individual who wouldn't have care if it weren't for what we are doing. It feels more personal to me because of this and I'm really thrilled that my friend Khani Jo suggested it.

Here is the website for more information...

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  1. This year (2010) we will be raising funds for the Midnight Mission-Family Housing unit. It's a very good cause and the mission helps people no matter what of their religious beliefs.

    Last year at Mythical Creatures I'm proud to say we raised $1500 for the Breast Treatment Task Force.