Thursday, January 22, 2009

our blog!

The purpose of this blog is to document the daily preparations of our upcoming show....

To begin I will explain...

My friend, Ayse and I have been talking for years and years about how we wanted to do a big stage show...AND I'm impatient... or maybe NOT because after about 5 years of talk I decided it was time to do something.

Every year at one of the places I teach dance, the Agoura Hills Calabasas Community Center (known from now on as the AHCCC) puts on a St.Patrick's Day show. I always try to bring my friends and students to perform at the show and last year, I asked my dance troupe She'enedra to perform in the show dressed as faeries (ha! I feel like this story may require footnotes and an MLA format!). We had done a piece back in 2005 where we were dressed as Faeries (yes it was my idea) and we passed out chocolates to the audience at the Blood Moon Regale After Party produced by Unmata in Sacramento. Loving any excuse to wear my ears I wanted to reuse the choreo & costume and yes St. Patrick's day was the perfect excuse for this. So there we were ALL dressed up! AND our good friend Richard Lowe Jr (who loves to photograph belly dancers) was there too, so we went out to Malibu Creek State park and did this photo shoot.
After having the pictures I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do a stage show where we could dress up as faeries. I made a postcard that I circulated at Tribal Caravan and other events with a target date of January 2009.
At first I thought it would just be a recital for my students and Ayse's with some starring guest quickly became a much more elaborate endeavor.

We now have an amazing list of acts signed up to perform in the show! here it is...try not to faint or is amazing:
Steven Eggers
Heather Shoopman
Ayse Cerami
Elizabeth Mahina (that's me)
Desert Lotus Tribal
Wild Roots
and Zulu (of Zulu Tattoo)

I'm going to invite our participants to blog their adventures and feelings here...if they can do it without revealing the special secrets of the show...
I will make them spit & pinkie swear!

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