Friday, February 20, 2009

Website is up!

Michaella did an absolutely gorgeous job on the Mythical Creatures website!  Go check it out.  :)

I'm really looking forward to the event.  Nataraja's starting to get everything together and polish everything up.  We are now missing Gigi, who is on a trip to Australia with her husband (I am SO jealous).  Before he left, Lee finished putting details on some photos of me.  Is it horribly vain if I post a little picture?  He did such an amazing job!  He's going to be doing vending at the event, so go check him out, or really, just contact him on his website to schedule a shoot!

I've also been working on planning out the after-party.  Looks like I'll be making some location scouting visits on Tuesday.  I'm meeting up with Heather Shoopman to do a little dance, so I'll be in the area already (well, kind of.  I'm in Palmdale, so "in the area" has a different meaning for me).

But yes, go check out the webpage, buy tickets and workshops (hey,  I should do that!) and stay tuned!


  1. That is a gorgeous photo of you!!! I love it! And YES Michaella did a fab job on the website I agree! Things are moving along all over the place. People are buying tickets, t's, workshops etc!

  2. Thanks so much for the plug Christina!! :)) I'm flattered!