Sunday, February 8, 2009

So the website is active though still being built. All the performer's bios & pictures need to be posted etc. And Michaella is working hard getting that done for us. She has taken Jilly's illustration and added some of her own design work. Isn't it beautiful?

So for now you can actually go to the site and see something and go to the store from the site to order tickets, workshops & t-shirts.

We went ahead and added a workshop w/ Tabu since I thought it would be a good thing for the local dance community. They live all the way in Vegas and it's a rare opportunity. So that is on the website too!

I'm looking for some good magical vendors for everyone's shopping pleasure. Anyone interested please contact me! : )

here are the links for now...
shopping cart w/ information


  1. Merry Meet,

    I would love to vend at your belly dance festival. I am the owner of an online metaphysical store called Ravengrove Charms. We specialize in all things Magickal. We cary many Magickal products which include; Hand Crafted Genuine Gemstone wands, Elemental Wands, Candles, natural incense and resin, belly dance accessories, jewelry, belly dance clothes, and many many more magickal items.

    Please contact me and let me know your rates.

    Check out my website:


    Blessed Be,

    Melissa Denney

  2. Hello Again,

    I absolutely loved your show!! I am very much interested in vending at your 2010 show. Please email me the information when you get it. I would like to reserve the date as soon as possible.

    Thank you again!

    Ravengrove Charms

  3. Hello there!
    well we loved our vendors! You all went so well with our theme and really added to the fun! I will certainly be contacting you regarding our 2010 show. The theme will be different of course, but it will be really good!

  4. Hello Again,
    Along with Vending, my bellydance troupe is interested in performing in your show. We are a new troupe and our style is Tribal Fusion. I will pass on the information as soon as I receive it from you.

    Blessed Be,

    Owner of Ravengrove Charms